Strengthening the Idea for a Computer Game

We are on a fantastic journey - trip of creativity, of imagination, and of self-satisfaction. This journey is the journey of creating and developing a computer game. Best online games can be found here

We now need to begin assembling the content for the various levels that the player has to go through in order for him to reclaim his kingdom.

I am thinking that the beginning level, or level 1, will position the hero someplace in the forest in between the location where he was kept and trained in secret and one of the smaller sized villages in the outskirts of the Kingdom. The hero will be on his method to go into the town when he will satisfy the first Guardian. The Guardian will certainly recommend the hero to perform a couple of tasks prior to continuing his course.

Throughout his endeavor in the very first level, he will certainly collect important info that he will be abusing later throughout the game.

So the concern now is, what should some of these collectables be? How will they be realized in the game-play and how will they be adjoined to the total video gaming experience?

I believe that we need to have some sort of a map that will certainly be abused throughout the video game to assist the player on his/her mission. The map will probably alter over-time as more pieces are gathered throughout the game. This could be achieved in a number of various methods: (1) the original map will only have actually restricted details to assist the user only for that certain level and objective goals, and as he advances throughout the video game, the map can also expose more details and etc. (2) The initial map is segmented in several smaller maps that the player needs to find throughout his/her mission in the game. This will provide yet another adventure like experience to the gamer, as to searching and finding the map collections throughout the game play to meet their overall mission objective.

Other items could vary from concealed treasures to spiritual books that offer the gamer with a much deeper understanding into his family history and the events that have taken place in the past. The treasure will obviously be used for wealth and recruitment of allies and other soldiers throughout the gameplay.

Naturally he will also be able to choose a few goodies and position them into his stock for later consumption.

Naturally, we need to also have some way of gathering new ways of protecting and fighting with our player. So swords and shields are going to be a big part of the game-play. There is also going to be potions and magic. These items will be needed to improve the gameplay and also provide strategic thinking by the user on how to beat a specific opponent.

Advancing to the next level - He starts going down the path to the first town

Getting in the town, nobody understands who he is, for that reason, everyone is very mindful of him, and practically ignores him. One of the main crucial parts of this level would be for the hero to stumble-upon another friendly character which will certainly provide him more wisdom and guidance. This is among the better known merchants in the village that has actually been around and has actually seen the devastation of the Kingdom due to the notorious battles and the harsh rampage by the ORCs.

The merchant turns out to be a really buddy to Maximillian's father, King Vittorio. Initially glimpse, he does not acknowledge the young Maximillian, however after a few looks and the preliminary exchange, he begins to recognize him, and an excellent joy and joy conquers him. Now, the player begins interacting with the Merchant, and the Merchant is the main supporting character that is going to assist Maximillian to obtain to the next level.

The question once again right here is exactly what are these new vital information points? A much better variation of the map possibly? More riddles to resolve in order to get to the treasure?

Possibly, a new set of map will certainly be provided to the hero, which shows some hidden passage to the internal kingdom. Throughout the trip, we might come across some hostility from other character classes.

Which brings me to the next point; the number of various class/character types do we have in the game? Well, the following are the class types which I have been considering and brainstorming about:

The Citizen Class: These are your topic in the Kingdom. They are the residents of the Kingdom. They comprise of the peasants, the farmers, the merchants, and etc.

The Barbarian Class: These are people that have no rules, and understand no rules and law! They are battling machines and the only thing they appreciate is, robbery, lust, and more looting.

The ORC Class: The ORCs are beastly animals that have actually been living along with the human beings for numerous generations. They are a community within themselves, and their main goal is gather gold and other treasures. They will certainly go to fantastic wars in order to get belongings of such products and they will certainly damage and burn down village towns and Kingdoms to get exactly what they want.

The Living Dead: The Living Dead are a trump card of the Evil King Maarten and the Wizard Darnell. These are fallen soldiers who have been kept alive by the wizardry of Darnell. They are the 2nd line of defense in the brand-new Evil Kingdom, and they are extremely deadly if one is caught in a group of them.

The Dead Army: Another among Darnell's secret weapons. These are likewise fallen solders that were going to be converted into the Living Dead, however the magic did not work too, and they turned into living skeletons. Not as powerful as the Living Dead, but still fatal in a small group.

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